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    Busy Hands are happy hands

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    Rachna is modeling one of my new produce bike bags at The Farm Cart in Carpinteria. Incorporating fabric created from my paintings and sewn by me on my grandmothers old Singer

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    About the Artist: John Moyer


    I grew up in Carp, descending from the Lamberts of Summerland, and the Lewis family of Camarillo. I won 1st Prize in the 1964 Women’s Club art contest when I was a Junior at Carpinteria High School.

    The conversation with recycled road signs started in 2000 when I was a fifth year Architecture student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Since then, this marks my 5th show in this conversation.

    I was working with the small, painted pieces and wanted to see what they would look like large, in no way interested in mass producing anything, but a natural continuation of the conversation. I liked it!

    In the ‘90s, I spent a period making paper sculpture boxes, eventually getting into the American craft fair and selling them in a dozen fine craft stores nationally. That was a conversation that started to turn into a venue and then came to an abrupt end. People familiar with the boxes are always commenting when they see my new stuff, “I really like the boxes.” Oh well, too bad.

    I’ve started to say goodbye to the signs now and have been working on canvas with glow-in-the-dark paint—play things—always the way a good conversation begins…


    Phone: (805) 698-3677


    Web Page:

  • 2014/ 2015 Show

    2014/ 2015 Show

    Current work shown at ROY 12.01.2014 to 01.01.2015  

    Artist will be on hand 12.04.2014 for 1st Thursday but no free wine or happy hour snacks